It starts in the States

How We Do It

1. Analyze


We evaluate all 99 state chambers to identify the states where we can be the difference-makers.

2. Endorse


We identify inspiring, committed candidates who have what it takes to win (door knockers, door knockers, door knockers).

3. Fund


We pinpoint winning tactics and work with top-notch partners.

4. Follow Through

Follow Through

Future Now provides an actionable policy agenda to turn wins into improved lives.

We Need Your Help

Start a Giving Circle

We do the analysis, targeting, and oversight— you engage your community to adopt a state! Pool contributions, foster a civically engaged group, and learn a ton about how our country works.

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Featured Giving Circle

Downtown Nasty Women Social Group
Downtown Nasty Women Social Group

The Downtown Nasty Women Social Group is a grassroots community of activists working together to make positive change in people’s everyday lives.

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Featured Give Smart Campaign

The Texas House Special Election
The Texas House Special Election

If you think Texas is Trump country, now’s the time to spur change. Eliz Markowitz's district — a suburban Houston district that covers a diversifying area with new voters — is the future of a changing Texas. This special election is the smartest place for your money right now.