Statement from Future Now Executive Director Daniel Squadron

September 14, 2020 – It’s shameful and disgusting that the North Carolina House Speaker is lying to the people in his state. In fact, it’s a lie built on a lie.

The first lie: The America’s Goals pledge is not an endorsement of any specific bill. Radical Republicans are simply lying about the America’s Goals pledge, just like they did in 2018. The pledge is a commitment to work toward shared goals like Good Jobs; Quality, Affordable Healthcare, and Equal Opportunity for All with measurable outcomes like better schools, higher life expectancy, and equal pay. It’s shocking North Carolina Republicans oppose these goals. America’s Goals is about results to improve lives. It does not define one-size-fits all policies, just the measurable outcomes.

The second lie: The speaker is lying about the policy he highlights, which is actually about experts identifying the most effective spending to keep communities safe and strong and nowhere calls to defund the police. Apparently saving taxpayer dollars and investing in proven strategies to make people safer is more offensive to the speaker than his racist dog-whistle.

But we shouldn’t be surprised. This is exactly what radical Republicans did in 2018 when they lied to distract from their failure to provide healthcare for hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians.

I call on the Speaker to apologize to North Carolinians for opposing Good Jobs; Quality, Affordable Healthcare; Investing in Children; Empowering People Over Special Interests; Equal Opportunity for All; Sustainable Infrastructure, Resilience and Innovation; and Clean Air, Water and Energy.

Press Contact: Simone Leiro,