Give Smart

Support the eight races where you can make the biggest impact right now.

Give Smart was founded by Future Now Fund and Data For Progress with the belief that donors are happiest when they’re treated like adults.

Our Featured Slate gives a boost to the eight candidates from across the country where your donations will go the furthest right now in the states where campaign finance laws give the most power to grassroots donors. We review this slate constantly and update it based on rapidly changing factors on the ground.

You can also focus your donations by state. In each state small donations go a long way, helping just a few campaigns can lead to winning a majority, and improving the lives of millions of Americans. Each of these campaigns will likely be decided by a razor thin margin.


Arizona is changing—but it won’t get there on its own. The path to flipping one or both chambers of the legislature is narrow, but if everything breaks right, there’s a significant opportunity to disrupt an extreme, narrow special interest-dominated majority.


The extreme right-wing playbook was perfected in Kansas—and spread to state houses across the country. But in 2018, Kansans rebuked this extremist experiment by electing Democratic Governor Laura Kelly. Next stop, breaking the current supermajority in the legislature so it can’t thwart and weaken the new governor.


Michigan is one of the three states that determined the 2016 election for Trump. After netting five seats in 2018, there is an even clearer path to winning a new legislative majority in the Michigan House: Just four seats would ensure that the state’s politics finally start working just for its citizens first and foremost.


Montana politics have a decidedly independent streak. The legislature has been controlled by Republicans for nearly three decades and Donald Trump is popular, but there’s a Democratic governor and U.S. senator. The political landscape creates a narrow but possible path to flipping the House in 2020, expanding progress even deeper into the once impossible Mountain West.

New Hampshire

In 2018, Future Now Fund helped flip New Hampshire, where lawmakers have since been busy improving lives. But New Hampshire has a long history as a “purple” state that sits squarely in the center. With four Senate Democrats in Trump seats, it’s critical to defend hard-fought gains in this state.

North Carolina

The tides have been turning in North Carolina. In 2016, Democrat Roy Cooper was the only Democrat to flip a governorship in a state that Trump won, and in 2018, North Carolinians came out in record numbers to reject the legislature’s extremism and break Republican supermajorities. And with the legislature in charge of redistricting, flipping the North Carolina House can prevent another 10 years of narrow special interest gerrymanders that stand in the way of state laws to improve lives.