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Working within a Giving Circle allows me to take effective action at a time when sitting on the sidelines is not enough — and to do so by connecting with friends and family who share a common goal.
We are a dynamic group that has built a foundation of shared curiosity and concern for our democracy. We call our work the antidote — it eases the fear, and reminds us of the potential for change if we work at it.
When Trump was elected, it didn’t take long for us to go from ‘What happened?!’ to ‘We can’t stand for this!’ Through Future Now Fund we learned that state level politics really matter and if we want to see change that’s where we ought to be.
We wanted have an impact, so we pushed ourselves. It was scary to fundraise, but we're so proud, and still a little surprised, that we surpassed our goal! We are thrilled to be one of the bigger contributors in our chosen state of Michigan.
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85 Average #
Of Members
79% Women
$250 Median
$1M+ Raised

How do I start?

Start your Giving Circle here. You can also request a private consultation with our Giving Circle team.

Hang on, what is a Giving Circle?

A Giving Circle is a group of people, recruited by a Leader or Leadership Team, who reach out to their networks to pool contributions to change our country, starting in a key state you choose.

My Giving Circle will change our country? Seriously?

Yes. Seriously. Future Now Fund has identified the competitive state legislative chambers where you can make the biggest difference. In each state our goal is to elect a new majority, or—in the case of NC—to break an existing supermajority. In these states, flipping an entire chamber is cheaper than winning a single Congressional seat. Together with your family, friends, colleagues and neighbors, your pooled contributions can literally change the balance of power in the state you choose—and improve millions of lives.

How does Future Now Fund work with Giving Circles?

Each Giving Circle chooses the state its dollars will impact from our list of five possibilities. Future Now Fund will provide the tools, expertise and support—everything from insider knowledge on your state to details on the inspiring candidates we are helping elect! At every step, we make it easy to raise funds, track progress and make sure that together we have the biggest impact. And our team is always on call to help you succeed!

Where does the money raised by Giving Circles go?

The amount each Giving Circle raises will be allocated to Future Now Fund's budget for the selected state. Collectively, Future Now Fund Giving Circles are some of the largest contributors in each of our states. Depending on the state, this may include contributions to endorsed candidates (see our awesome list here), candidate training, digital asset creation, canvassing efforts, research and analysis, and more. Future Now Fund provides each Giving Circle with dollar by dollar details on the funds it raises and overall spending in its selected state.

I’ve never been good at asking for money. Is this the right thing for me?

Many Giving Circle members are new to soliciting contributions. Our members tell us that it works for them because they are appealing to their friends and family to support and join a cause that really matters—and they are offering those people a concrete way to help.

How big should my Giving Circle be?

There is no perfect size. Giving Circles can be as small as 5 people or as big as 500!

How much money should I raise?

You can choose any fundraising goal that feels right. Giving Circles have raised from $2,500 to $250,000. Future Now Fund can work with you to determine and the appropriate target based on your network.

Why these 5 states?

In 2018, we are focusing on five states where we believe Future Now Fund can play a huge role in electing a new majority—Arizona, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire and North Carolina. These are five states where the stakes are high AND where we see a clear path to building a new majority.

But why states?

Here’s why.
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