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Welcome to our little outpost within Future Now Fund. If you’re here, you are, like the rest of us, yearning to make a real difference in our country, one that starts with a goal that is big, bold, audacious and yes, achievable.

In the fall of 2016 this group was formed, inspired by former New York State Senator Daniel Squadron, who reminded us that a nominal contribution to state legislature campaigns could not just make the difference in one election, but when spread out across our 50 states, would create a ripple effect with the power to restore meaning to the word democracy in this country.

Delta 50 is raising money to support candidates for state legislatures who are committed to actualizing America’s Goals as they’ve been defined by Future Now.

OUR GOAL is to raise money and, working with Future Now Fund, to target specific, winnable, cost-effective races. Give to Future Now Fund and we promise transparency and your personal skin in the game. You can be as involved as you want to be. Host your own giving parties. Come to our planning meetings. 

The point is, we are so grateful for your interest and would love to have you join our passionate, informed group of professionals who finally feel as if we have a real, workable solution to the big issues facing our country.

It all starts here.

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