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The Downtown Nasty Women Social Group is a grassroots community of activists working together to make positive change in people’s everyday lives. We believe that the strongest America is one that values the freedom, equality, and safety of each individual regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, or immigration status.

We see an opportunity to help shape government at the local level with those who are aligned with our progressive values. In 2018 we raised nearly $125,000, helping to flip 6 Michigan House seats from red to blue. These newly elected reps are focused on improving education, healthcare, infrastructure and water for their constituents.

In 2019 we continued to assist the Michigan State House in its efforts to become more blue, by raising money for early strategies and supporting amazing candidates that can win in the next election. Early money is the most efficient way we can help the Democrats defend and gain seats in the House in the next election.

We now continue our work into 2020. We cannot afford to sit this one out. We are grateful to all that join our giving circle and share our goal to make a better country for all of us.

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