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We at One State at a Time believe that the most meaningful way to achieve lasting political change in our country is by starting from the ground up at the state legislative level. Democracy is not a spectator sport, and we seek to engage our members with events, meetings, and grassroots engagement opportunities. There is no minimum contribution to join our effort, and all members have the same opportunity for involvement.

For our inaugural 2018 election cycle, One State at a Time raised $230,000 which we used to support candidates running for the Michigan State House. Our remarkable candidates won six seats in critical districts. These new legislators will fight hard for clean water, better schools and healthcare, and will shift dynamics in the House by forcing compromise on issues central to the rights and welfare of the people of Michigan.

In 2019, we have two objectives. We will continue to focus on Michigan by raising $100,000 to support new candidate recruitment, caucus infrastructure, and the defense of strong incumbent candidates.

In addition, every dollar we raise over $100,000 will go towards the 2019 elections in Mississippi, with the goal of breaking the Republican supermajority in the Mississippi State Senate. We need to flip 2 seats to accomplish this, and a federal judge just redrew the maps which will make it possible. We can help stop the existing leadership from defunding education, health care and jobs programs, and can help move Mississippi towards better balance in their legislature.

Our work has just begun. Please join us as we seek to alter the course of history, one state at a time.

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