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Potluck is a group of (mostly) artists that have been meeting monthly since December, 2016. It is an action group structured around manageable steps and accountability. We show up on the first Sunday of every month for an hour. We each state out loud and write down, a pro-active, specific action we feel we can commit to for the coming month. And the group holds us accountable.

In light of recent events, we have decided to take a large collective action. We are investing our energy and dollars in some upcoming State Government elections in an effort to bring some blue to some very red states. State Government is vitally important to holding the line on our civil rights, as well as our rights to education, abortion and healthcare. This is DOABLE. And we have to do it.


This year, we can elect new majorities in 5 crucial states: Arizona, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire and North Carolina. We’ll make millions of lives better and turn the tide across the country.

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