State of the States

A Roadmap for the 2020 Election

By: Aaron Kleinman, Director of Research, Future Now and Future Now Fund

Trying to predict what will happen in November?

State legislative races are the heatmap of political activation. The State of The States report is your roadmap for the 2020 election. 

The act of “Flipping a State” is made up of activating a patchwork of political communities that collectively determine which party wins the state. Understanding state legislative races, with data down to the county level, is the best way to grasp each part of that patchwork.

Arizona? Phoenix suburbs in Maricopa County like Chandler and Paradise Valley. Florida? Seminole County, north of Orlando. Iowa? Marshalltown, a manufacturing hub in the middle of the state. Each of these, and many others, are home to some of the closest state legislative races and are bellwethers for statewide contests.

We hope you’ll join us in this fight over the next three months based on this roadmap.