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States can change the direction of our country.


2020 Overview

Many believed the existing bipartisan House Majority coalition could not hold after the 2020 election however, Future Now Fund helped to successfully defend the coalition working to improve lives for all Alaskans! FNF was one of the only national efforts to invest in Alaska and supported four endorsees who won their seats. Two endorsees were able to flip seats, including the seat formerly held by the minority leader. 

The bipartisan coalition provides a buffer against the narrow special interests that have dominated Alaska’s politics and a path ahead for improving lives for all Alaskans.

2020 Election Highlights

  • FNF-endorsees in Alaska over-performed the top of the ticket by 3%.
  • Representatives Adam Wool and Dan Ortiz were re-elected to serve in Juneau. Representative Calvin Schrage, a small business owner, and Representative Liz Snyder, a public health professional, both flipped their seats. 
  • Representative Dr. Liz Snyder, the only freshman Democrat and newly elected woman in the Alaska State House, beat Representative Adam Pruitt, a 10-year veteran of the State House and the right’s Minority Leader, by just 13 votes out of 9,000 cast in the 2020 election. It was her second time running against him.
  • Representative Dan Ortiz won his race by 21%, even as Donald Trump carried his district by 14%. His 35% overperformance was one of the biggest for a state legislative candidate nationwide. 

Meet the candidates

  • Adam Wool

    An entrepreneur and community leader, Adam has fought for his fellow Fairbanksans in the State House. He is working to advance accessible higher education and quality, affordable healthcare.

  • Calvin Schrage

    A small business owner and member of his town’s community council, Calvin ran to fight for quality public schools and advocate for all Alaskans.

  • Liz Snyder

    Liz is a public health professional and professor who ran for office to prioritize the needs of her district. She is committed to advocating for quality public education and good jobs for all Alaskans.

  • Dan Ortiz

    Born and raised in Ketchikan, Dan was an educator for over 30 years. In the State House, he is committed to representing his community and fighting for a better future for all Alaskans.