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Arizona 2020


Flip a chamber

Chamber Makeup

State Senate

13 Democrats

17 Republicans

State House

29 Democrats

31 Republicans

Opportunity Assessment

Arizona is a burgeoning purple state—but it won’t get there on its own. The path to flipping one or both chambers of the legislature is narrow, but if everything breaks right, there’s a significant opportunity to disrupt an extreme, special interest-dominated majority.

The Stakes

In Arizona, the current governing majority has led a coordinated, multi-year effort to undermine fundamental democratic processes and Arizonans’ ability to get a good education and quality healthcare. 

  • Doubled down on efforts to restrict voting, working to change how early voting has worked for decades, limit ballot initiatives, restrict voter IDs, and criminalize some non-partisan voter registration.
  • Proposed legislation to inject partisanship back into the redistricting process.
  • Resurrected junk healthcare plans that do not protect pre-existing conditions.
  • Zealously worked to roll back a voter-approved ballot measure guaranteeing paid sick leave, to the point that courts had to step in.

2020 Political Landscape

  • In 2020, the entire House and Senate are up for election and just two seats in the Senate and one seat in the House will break the current majority.
  • If Democrats win two House seats they will control the chamber outright for the first time in five decades.
  • In 2018:
    • Fewer than 1,300 votes decided control of both state chambers.
    • Future Now Fund endorsed all four candidates who flipped Republican-held House seats.
    • Kyrsten Sinema won a majority of legislative districts (in Arizona the House and Senate are elected from contiguous districts), providing a clear path to the majority in both chambers.
    • In 2018, Republicans were helped by Gov. Doug Ducey’s blowout re-election victory, which they won’t be able to replicate with contested presidential and Senate races atop the ticket in 2020.

Meet the candidates

  • Coral Evans
    Coral Evans

    As the Mayor of Flagstaff, Coral has seen how decisions in the state legislature can hurt regular people and businesses in Arizona. She is running to ensure rural Arizona has a strong voice in the state House and every Arizonan has a fair shot to succeed.

  • Domingo DeGrazia

    A native Tucsonian, Domingo has spent his career as a fierce advocate for Arizona’s youth and those in the foster care system. As a Representative, he has worked to protect children and advance Arizona’s working families.

  • Stephanie Stahl Hamilton

    An ordained minister and community advocate, Stephanie believes that investment in children is the best investment for Arizona’s future. She is running to advocate for quality education for all Arizonans.

  • Felipe Perez
    HD- 11

    A family physician at one of Arizona’s largest community health centers, Felipe deeply understands his community, and is running to ensure Arizonans have access to quality, affordable healthcare and good jobs.

  • Jennifer Pawlik
    Jennifer Pawlik

    A longtime public school teacher and college educator, Jennifer took her commitment to education to the state Capitol in 2018 where she has been a leader in ensuring all students have a fair chance to succeed.

  • Jennifer Jermaine
    Jennifer Jermaine

    The co-founder of two nonprofits that empower people to make an impact in their community,Jennifer understands the importance of civic engagement. She joined the state house in 2018, where she fights for civil rights and better schools.

  • Judy Schweibert
    Judy Schwiebert

    Growing up the child of a high school principal, the importance of education was instilled in Judy early. A longtime public school teacher and a community leader herself, she is eager to advocate for better schools for all Arizonans.

  • Kathy Knecht
    Kathy Knecht

    Kathy is a community leader and public servant who has served on the school board for twelve years. She is running to fight for affordable healthcare, quality education, and to ensure that government works for the people, not special interests.

  • Aaron Lieberman
    Aaron Lieberman

    After growing up in the district, Aaron founded efforts that have improved education access for more than 100,000 families. Since 2018, he has been advocating for students and his community in the state House.

  • Felicia French
    Felicia French

    Felicia served 32 years as a Colonel, nurse, and helicopter pilot in the Army. Since retiring from the army in 2010, she has worked as a hospice nurse, as well as to support nonprofits.

  • Ajlan Kurdoglu
    AJ Kurdoglu

    A first-generation American, AJ is a small business owner and engineer. He is running to ensure every Arizonan has access to a great education, to a great health care system, and to thriving communities.

  • Doug Ervin

    An accountant and community leader, Doug is running to restore fiscal responsibility to Arizona and ensure every Arizonan has access to great public education and quality, affordable healthcare.

  • Christine Marsh
    Christine Marsh

    Christine was a longtime high school English teacher who was named Arizona’s teacher of the year in 2016. She has seen firsthand how the state is failing its schools and she is running because she knows Arizona’s kids deserve better.