States & Candidates

States can change the direction of our country.


2020 Overview

Building on the four State House seats Future Now Fund-endorsees flipped in 2018, Future Now Fund was able to help flip a fifth seat in 2020. FNF-endorsees also flipped a seat in each chamber. Though the balance of power didn’t shift in either chamber, just one seat is needed in each to shift the balance of power. With FNF as the primary national partner for the caucus and candidates, the state legislature has the narrowest margin in history. 

In 2016, the last election before FNF worked in Arizona, almost 8,400 were needed to flip votes to break the House Majority. In 2020, it would have taken just 1,028.

2020 Election Highlights

  • Our two-time endorsees, Representatives Jennifer Pawlik, Jennifer Jermaine, Aaron Lieberman, and Domingo DeGrazia, will join first-time Representatives Judy Schwiebert and Stephanie Stahl Hamilton at the state capitol. 
  • In the State Senate, we achieved one of our two needed flips to advance our ultimate goal of flipping the chamber, with two-time FNF-endorsee and former Arizona Teacher of the Year Christine Marsh. In 2020, she won by fewer than 400 votes – a margin of just 0.4% – almost the mirror image of 2018, when she ran for the seat and lost by fewer than 300 votes. 
  • Three FNF-endorsed House candidates — Felipe Perez, Coral Evans, and Kathy Knecht — lost their seats by less than 4% of the vote. Two FNF-endorsed Senate candidates – AJ Kurdoglu and Douglas Ervin – lost their seats by about 5% of the vote.

Meet the candidates

  • Domingo DeGrazia

    A native Tucsonian, Domingo has spent his career as a fierce advocate for Arizona’s youth and those in the foster care system. As a Representative, he has worked to protect children and advance Arizona’s working families.

  • Stephanie Stahl Hamilton

    An ordained minister and community advocate, Stephanie believes that investment in children is the best investment for Arizona’s future. She ran to advocate for quality education for all Arizonans.

  • Jennifer Pawlik

    A longtime public school teacher and college educator, Jennifer took her commitment to education to the State Capitol in 2018 where she has been a leader in ensuring all students have a fair chance to succeed.

  • Jennifer Jermaine

    The co-founder of two nonprofits that empower people to make an impact in their community,Jennifer understands the importance of civic engagement. She joined the State House in 2018, where she fights for civil rights and better schools.

  • Judy Schwiebert

    Growing up the child of a high school principal, the importance of education was instilled in Judy early. A longtime public school teacher and a community leader herself, she is eager to advocate for better schools for all Arizonans.

  • Aaron Lieberman

    After growing up in the district, Aaron founded efforts that have improved education access for more than 100,000 families. Since 2018, he has been advocating for students and his community in the State House.

  • Christine Marsh

    Christine was a longtime high school English teacher who was named Arizona’s teacher of the year in 2016. She has seen firsthand how the state is failing its schools and she ran because she knows Arizona’s kids deserve better.