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Florida 2020


Flip House

Chamber Makeup

State Senate

17 Democrats

23 Republicans

State House

47 Democrats

73 Republicans

Opportunity Assessment

Florida’s legislature helped deliver the state to Trump in 2016: Hillary Clinton lost the state by just 119,770 votes while state law disenfranchised 1.5 million residents  through permanent voting bans for former felons, which meant one in four black residents were unable to cast a ballot. And the current majority is looking to repeat history in 2020. Electing a new majority in the Florida House will protect re-enfranchisement and create the chance to move legislation that improves lives.

The Stakes

The majority in the Florida legislature is doubling down on the same strategy that has kept them in power since the 1990s: preventing Floridians from exercising their right to vote and selling the state to vested special interests:

  • Overturned a popular referendum to restore felon voting rights by implementing what is effectively a poll tax: requiring fees be paid up in full before voting rights are restored.
  • Fought all efforts to expand Medicaid—leaving over half a million Floridians without health insurance.
  • Consistently sided with the gun lobby instead of advocating for the personal safety of individuals and protecting public safety—even post Parkland.
  • Consistently blocked bills that protect LGBTQ folks from discrimination at work.

2020 Political Landscape

  • In 2020, the entire Florida House is up for election, and Democrats need to flip 13 of 73 Republican-held seats to flip the chamber.
  • There are 21 Republican-held seats that are competitive for Democrats, including 15 that voted for either Hillary Clinton or Bill Nelson.
  • In 2018:
    • Andrew Gillum underperformed Bill Nelson, and neither was able to hit the benchmarks Obama set six years earlier. 
    • Republicans won four state legislative seats by less than 1%. A focused, well-funded effort will be game changing in flipping seats lost by only a few hundred votes. 

Meet the candidates

  • Andrew Learned

    After serving his country for nearly a decade in the U.S. Navy, Andrew returned to his hometown where he is running to advocate for good jobs and quality, affordable healthcare.

  • Kayser Enneking

    Raised in Gainesville, Kayser is a physician who has worked to improve the quality and efficiency of our healthcare systems. She is running to ensure that every Floridian has access to quality affordable healthcare.

  • Patrick Henry

    A lifetime resident of Daytona Beach and former Representative with a track record of advocating for his constituents, Patrick is running to ensure every Floridian has access to a quality education and a good job.

  • Dolores Guzman

    Dolores is a tireless advocate for Latinx communities and deeply understands the urgency to provide and expand affordable healthcare services to all Floridians. She is running to bring responsible leadership to Tallahassee.

  • Pasha Baker

    Pasha is a business leader who is deeply involved in her community. She is running to ensure every person in her state has access to quality, affordable healthcare and good education.

  • Tracey Kagan

    Tracey has worked to ensure the rights of all Floridians are protected. She is running to protect the future of Florida’s children by advocating for strong public schools and gun safety.

  • Franccesca Cesti-Browne

    An immigrant, businesswoman, and community advocate, Franccesca is running to improve the schools in her community, protect the environment, and bring real change to Tallahassee.

  • Julie Jenkins

    Julie has spent much of her career fighting to bring economic investment to Florida. She is running to advocate for a sustainable and prosperous future for all Floridians.

  • Jessica Harrington

    A public school educator, Jessica is a fierce advocate for working families. She is running to fight for Florida’s students and to advance equal opportunity for all. 

  • Drake Buckman

    A small-business owner and advocate, Drake is committed to improving lives for all Floridians. He is running to fight against special interests that have undermined Florida’s schools and environment.

  • EJ Bernier

    EJ is a firefighter, paramedic, and former Marine. He is running to be an advocate for Florida’s working families and ensure that everyone has access to quality, affordable healthcare.

  • Jim Bonfiglio

    As the former mayor of Ocean Ridge, Jim understands the needs of his community. He is running to advocate for gun safety, quality, affordable healthcare, and strong public education for all Floridians.  

  • Linda Thompson Gonzalez

    A former Foreign Service officer, Linda is running to bring her public service experience to advocate for common-sense solutions to protect against sea level rise and ensure quality, affordable healthcare for all Floridians.

  • Maureen Porras

    For over a decade, Maureen has provided legal services to the most vulnerable and underserved immigrant populations. Now, she’s running to advocate for her community in Tallahassee.

  • Annette Collazo

    As a teacher and community organizer, Annette is dedicated to improving the lives of South Florida youth and families. She is running to advocate for good jobs and quality public education for all Floridians. 

  • Ricky Junquera

    Raised in Miami-Dade, Ricky is a dedicated community activist who has championed environmental protection issues. He is running to restore the American Dream and economic opportunity for his working-class community.

  • Clint Barras

    Clint has been an advocate for clean water and sustainable environmental practices in the Florida Keys. He’s running to take his environmental advocacy to Tallahassee and fight for a better future for his community.