States & Candidates

States can change the direction of our country.


2020 Overview

Due to the effective gerrymander in Florida, Joe Biden lost the median State House district by 7% despite only losing the state by 3%.

Rebuilding is necessary, and Future Now will be a part of it. Our policy affiliate, Future Now Action, is already working with key lawmakers like Future Now Fellows, Representatives Ben Diamond and Anna Eskamani, around their 2021 legislative agenda.

2020 Election Highlights

  • FNF-endorsee Representative Andrew Learned held an open seat by 1200 votes and helped keep a supermajority in the State House out of reach by just two seats.
  • Two endorsed candidates, Kayser Enneking and Tracey Kagan lost their races by less than 5% of the vote.

Meet the candidates

  • Andrew Learned

    After serving his country for nearly a decade in the U.S. Navy, Andrew returned to his hometown where he ran to advocate for good jobs and quality, affordable healthcare.