States & Candidates

States can change the direction of our country.


2020 Overview

Though Susan Collins was re-elected statewide, Future Now Fund-endorsees were able to expand the Senate majority that we helped flip in 2018, which is especially meaningful because of the progress made on America’s Goals policies in the 2019-2020 term. Maine has its largest majority in 30 years, and more importantly, a majority committed to improving the lives of all Mainers. 

2020 Election Highlights

  • Maine Senate candidates as a whole performed about 3% worse than the top of the ticket, but FNF-endorsees performed 3% better than the top of the ticket on average.
  • FNF-endorsees Senators Chloe Maxmin and Joe Rafferty both flipped their seats to join first-time Representative Stacy Brenner who held her seat.
  • Two of our wins came from districts that Donald Trump carried:
    • Senate President Troy Jackson was re-elected by 18%, a 29-point swing from his district’s presidential performance and one of the biggest over-performances in the country.
    • Two-time endorsee Senator Ned Claxton, a family physician, won by 235 votes in 2018 but was elected to his second term by over 1,500 votes. 
    • In a March 2021 special election, FNF-endorsee Senator Craig Hickman won his election and became the first-ever Black LGBT+ Senator in Maine history. 

Meet the candidates

  • Troy Jackson

    A fifth-generation logger, Troy originally ran for office after seeing first-hand how lawmakers’ decisions can affect workers’ lives. Now, after over a decade in public service, he is the President of the Senate and fights for strong healthcare and good jobs.

  • Chloe Maxmin

    A lifelong community member, Chloe has dedicated her life to giving back to her community. She was a fierce advocate for responsive and accountable government in the State House from 2018-2020 and is now continuing this work in the State Senate.

  • Ned Claxton

    A family physician, Ned has a deep understanding of the challenges that face the health care system, from the opioid crisis to the high cost of prescription drugs. Since joining the legislature in 2018, he has been working to tackle these challenges.

  • Stacy Brenner

    Stacy is a former nurse-midwife who has taken up the call to rejoin the healthcare workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic. She is also a farmer and a small business owner, and ran to translate her district's experiences into solutions in Augusta.

  • Joe Rafferty

    Joe is a father, football coach, teacher and community leader who believes in the importance of empowering others. Rising to be a leader in his union, he is prepared to be a strong advocate for all Mainers.