Maine 2020


Defend Senate majority

Chamber Makeup

State Senate

21 Democrats

14 Republicans

State House

89 Democrats

56 Republicans

6 Independents

Opportunity Assessment

In 2018, Future Now Fund helped make Maine a Democratic trifecta. But there are five Democratic senators representing districts Donald Trump won in 2016. To make sure Maine only moves one way—forward—we have to invest to defend and grow these new majorities.

The Stakes

Maine is the ultimate example of the power of state legislatures. Just a year ago, the state was best known for the extremist politics and Trumpian behavior of Paul LePage. Now, the Democratic-controlled legislature is delivering to help people get healthy, stay healthy, and lead better lives.

  • Fought to ensure workers get a fair shot with bills implementing paid sick leave and ending the gender wage gap. 

  • Pursued innovative health care initiatives to bring down drug costs and prohibit insurance companies from discriminating against pregnant women.

  • Invested in Maine's infrastructure by expanding rural broadband and funding much-needed repairs for roads and bridges.

  • Pushed for universal pre-K and innovative ideas to bring down the cost of college.

  • Implemented Medicaid expansion, with 10,000 Mainers gaining health care coverage in its first three months.

2020 Political Landscape

  • In 2020, the entire State Senate is up for election, including five Democrats in seats that Trump won in 2016.

  • Democrats will spend millions up-ballot on the presidential race (Maine split its electoral votes in 2016) and in trying to unseat Sen. Susan Collins, so it’s critical to ensure adequate attention on state legislative races.

  • In 2018:

    • Democrats flipped control of the State Senate by winning four Republican-held seats, three of which were Future Now Fund endorsements.

    • Gov. Janet Mills became the first nonpresidential Democrat to win a majority of votes in Maine since 1988, carrying four Republican-held State Senate districts in the process.