States & Candidates

States can change the direction of our country.


2019 Election Highlights

  • Three of our endorsed candidates won by fewer than 800 votes, and two by fewer than 150 votes.
  • The turnout surge in FNF districts was 25% higher than in non-FNF districts.
  • In 2015, Hester Jackson McCray raised $839 for her campaign. In 2019, we drove over $80K into her district for canvassing, digital, and more. Turnout doubled, and she won by 14 votes.

Meet the candidates

  • Hester Jackson McCray

    Hester is a mother of two, a grandmother of seven, and has been a nurse for over 33 years. She has seen firsthand the need to expand healthcare in the state and provide schools with the resources they need so more kids can succeed.

  • Shanda Yates

    A lawyer, small business owner, and mother, Shanda knows from her own experience the challenges facing Mississippi families and the business community alike. A proud public school graduate, Shanda was the first in her family to obtain a college degree.

  • Joseph Thomas

    When a districting plan denied black voters the right to choose their elected officials, Joseph, a former state senator and retired banker, fought that plan in federal court and won. Now he’s running to represent the newly-drawn district.