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New Hampshire

2020 Overview

Future Now Fund was early to identify the New Hampshire Senate as the most endangered majority in the country in 2020, after helping to flip it in 2018 by only 300 votes. This time the margin was similar, but with the opposite outcome.

Just 285 votes would have preserved the majority.

Historically in New Hampshire, the House and Senate flip control together, and this happened this year for the 4th time in the last 15 years.

2020 Election Highlights

  • FNF’s two-time endorsee Senator Tom Sherman, the only physician in the New Hampshire State Senate, will be returning to Concord next year.
  • Jeanne Dietsch, Shannon Chandley, and Melanie Levesque each lost by margins of less than three percent while still outperforming the Democratic gubernatorial candidate.

Meet the candidates

  • Tom Sherman

    A physician and leader in his community, Tom Sherman has deep experience in both healthcare and in public service. In the Senate, he is working to solve New Hampshire’s most critical issues.