States & Candidates

States can change the direction of our country.


2020 Overview

Future Now Fund went into Pennsylvania with our eyes set on both chambers — first the State House and later the State Senate. As both presidential candidates trained their sights on the state, we knew that Pennsylvania’s races would be extremely tight.

Our work helped to hold the huge ground gained since 2016 when there was a 40-seat majority in the House and a near supermajority status in the Senate. 

In our first cycle in Pennsylvania, FNF helped hold the ground gained by the minority since 2016, with +5 seats in the State Senate and +8 in the State House. This year showed the limits of the current partisan gerrymander, and with maps that will improve in 2022, both chambers are now within striking distance. 

2020 Election Highlights

Pennsylvania used to be a state that championed a decent quality of life for middle-class families, ensuring everyone had a fair chance at work, at home and at school. The Republican majority in the legislature has done everything it can to unravel that proud history.

  • Two FNF-endorsees flipped seats, Representative Nancy Guenst flipped her seat in the State House, the first Democrat ever to hold the seat since it was created, and Senator John Kane flipped his seat in the State Senate.
  • We were one of the few national organizations to endorse Representative Nick Pisciottano, who held a vacant seat in a district that President Biden won by less than one percent of the vote.
  • Because we expanded the field of candidates with real resources in Pennsylvania, the current majority had to put major resources into both defending districts and investing in districts flipped in 2018 that they hoped to take back. There were six narrow losses where margins of less than five percent edged out FNF-endorsees.

Meet the candidates

  • Nick Pisciottano

    A lifelong resident of the 38th District, Nick is an accountant, auditor, and community leader. He ran to advance good jobs for his community. 

  • Nancy Guenst

    Nancy served in the Army as an intel analyst before coming home and being elected to the Borough Council and then Mayor of Hatboro. A champion of equality and human rights initiatives, she ran to make progress on these fights for all Pennsylvanians.

  • John Kane

    A leader in his local Plumbers Union and cancer survivor, John knows the importance of quality, affordable healthcare and good jobs. He ran to fight for all Pennsylvanians.