Virginia 2019


Flip a chamber

Chamber Makeup

State Senate

19 Democrats

21 Republicans

House of Delegates

49 Democrats

51 Republicans

The Opportunity

After Democrats came within a single vote of flipping the Virginia House of Delegates in 2017, the state finally expanded Medicaid, bringing affordable health care to roughly 400,000 people. The state is an even more exciting opportunity in 2019: Winning just 1 seat in each chamber will flip the entire legislature,  allowing real progress to improve lives.

The Stakes

A new generation of leaders is coming up in the Old Dominion—a generation committed to ensuring that everything from healthcare to voting is actually accessible to all Virginians. But that promise can’t be realized unless the current majority is replaced and their commitment to a radical agenda is broken. Some of their moves:

  • Killed bills to provide paid family and medical leave.

  • Blocked an antidiscrimination bill that would have expanded equal rights by protecting LGBTQ Virginians, refusing to even let the measure come up for a vote.

  • Stifled bills that would have made Virginia a clean energy leader, instead passing a package that benefits big polluters. 

2019 Political Landscape

  • In 2019, the entire House of Delegates and State Senate are up for election.  Flipping only one seat in each chamber will break the existing majorities.

  • In 2017, Democrats famously came within one vote of flipping the House. New court-implemented fair district maps will make it more possible to finish the job—in both chambers.