Virginia 2019


Flip a chamber

Chamber Makeup

State Senate

19 Democrats

21 Republicans

House of Delegates

49 Democrats

51 Republicans

The Opportunity

After Democrats came within a single vote of flipping the Virginia House of Delegates in 2017, the state finally expanded Medicaid, bringing affordable health care to roughly 400,000 people. The state is an even more exciting opportunity in 2019: Winning just 1 seat in each chamber will flip the entire legislature,  allowing real progress to improve lives.

The Stakes

A new generation of leaders is coming up in the Old Dominion—a generation committed to ensuring that everything from healthcare to voting is actually accessible to all Virginians. But that promise can’t be realized unless the current majority is replaced and their commitment to a radical agenda is broken. Some of their moves:

  • Killed bills to provide paid family and medical leave.

  • Blocked an antidiscrimination bill that would have expanded equal rights by protecting LGBTQ Virginians, refusing to even let the measure come up for a vote.

  • Stifled bills that would have made Virginia a clean energy leader, instead passing a package that benefits big polluters. 

2019 Political Landscape

  • In 2019, the entire House of Delegates and State Senate are up for election.  Flipping only one seat in each chamber will break the existing majorities.

  • In 2017, Democrats famously came within one vote of flipping the House. New court-implemented fair district maps will make it more possible to finish the job—in both chambers.

Meet the candidates

  • Larry Barnett

    Larry Barnett


    As a health professional who works to improve access to mental health and substance abuse services, Larry has been serving his community in Chesterfield County for many years. He ran in 2017 and came within 128 votes.

  • Josh Cole

    Josh Cole


    Josh is a millennial preacher and public school advocate excited to take on extremism to represent his home district. President of the Stafford County NAACP, Josh ran for this seat in 2017 and came within 100 votes.

  • Lindsey Dougherty

    Lindsey Dougherty


    Lindsey is an analyst in the Budget and Management Department of Chesterfield County who has been a fierce advocate for children, having worked with at-risk youth in juvenile justice and fought to increase kids’ access to art.

  • Sheila Bynum-Coleman

    Sheila Bynum-Coleman


    Sheila is a community activist, small business owner, and the first African American woman appointed to the Virginia Board of Contractors. She was inspired to run by her five children, one of whom has special needs and another who survived a 2016 shooting.

  • Clint Jenkins

    Clint Jenkins


    Clint is an Army vet who has been committed to his community as a leader in local civic leagues and churches. After a career in the ship repair industry, he now manages a local small business with his daughter.

  • Len Myers

    Len Myers


    A consumer rights attorney and former prosecutor, Len has served as an officer in the Virginia Defense Force, the all-volunteer reserve of the Virginia National Guard. Len is committed to standing up for his community.

  • Nancy Guy

    Nancy Guy


    Raised in a Navy family, Nancy became a lawyer and small-business owner before a journey with breast cancer led her to expand her commitment to public service, which she had started on the Virginia Beach School Board.

  • Karen Mallard

    Karen Mallard


    When she was 11, Karen and her dad fought to close a sanitation plant that was dumping waste into the river she and her neighbors were baptized in—and she hasn’t stopped fighting for her community since, as a public school teacher and union leader.

  • Phil Hernandez

    Phil Hernandez


    A former Senior Policy Analyst in the Obama Administration and a staff attorney at the National Employment Law Project, Phil crafted and helped pass a law to protect tenants and fight homelessness. Now he wants to deliver for the Eastern Shore.

  • Jennifer Carroll Foy

    Jennifer Carroll Foy


    A public defender and former foster mom who graduated from Virginia Military Institute, Jennifer has championed policies that improve health care, prioritize education and advance equal rights.

  • Chris Hurst

    Chris Hurst


    Inspired to public service in memory of his live-in girlfriend Alison Parker, who was murdered on the air, this former news anchor has fought to improve mental health care, advocated for teachers, and worked to bring jobs to his district.

  • Elizabeth Guzman

    Elizabeth Guzman


    A social worker in public service, Elizabeth was the first Hispanic female immigrant elected to the Virginia House. She was chosen to give the Spanish Rebuttal to the State of the Union in 2018.

  • David Reid

    David Reid


    A small business owner who was the first in his family to graduate college, David served for 23 years in the Navy Reserve. He has fought for college affordability, children with special needs, and voting accessibility.

  • Kathy Tran

    Kathy Tran


    Kathy is a parent-teacher organization leader who fled Vietnam with her parents and has been an advocate for equality. She has introduced legislation to strengthen the workforce, invest in public schools, and protect the environment.

  • Hala Ayala

    Hala Ayala


    This single working mother of two is a cybersecurity expert who served on Governor McAuliffe’s women’s council. In her first term, Hala has worked to expand maternity care, fight the opioid epidemic, and champion equity in education.

  • Schuyler VanValkenburg

    Schuyler VanValkenburg


    A public school teacher who coaches the high school constitution team, Schuyler ran to continue a career of public service, and he has worked to reduce student debt, strengthen school safety, and expand access to affordable health care.

  • Karrie Delaney

    Karrie Delaney


    Karrie is a former Chair of both the Library Board and the Fairfax County Citizen Corps for emergency preparedness. In her first term she has fought for environmental protections, victims of sexual assault, and school safety.