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2021: Virginia

Chamber Makeup

State House

55 Democrats

45 Republicans

Opportunity Assessment

In 2019, Future Now Fund helped to flip Virginia and since we did, Virginia lawmakers have passed policy after policy that has helped improve lives. However, this critical governing majority is just five seats away from being broken in the House of Delegates — the only chamber in the state up for election in 2021. Narrow special interests are hoping to seize back a chamber that works for them, instead of all Virginians. This first election of the Biden presidency will be a litmus test to see if suburban voters will remain energized. Chip in to help Future Now Fund defend this majority!

The Stakes

As the first state in the South to flip control for a governing majority committed to achieving America’s Goals, Virginia has become a model for improving lives in the region. Since 2019, lawmakers have:

  • Expanded voting rights, including passing automatic voter registration and same-day voter registration.
  • Implemented important police reforms, such as preventing the rehiring of police officers with records of misconduct and ending the transfer of military weapons to police departments.
  • Furthered good jobs by protecting whistleblowers and encouraging the creation of worker cooperatives.
  • Made healthcare more affordable by imposing a cap on insulin payments and expanding insurance coverage for hearing aids for kids.
  • Invested in children by making it easier for school districts to offer expanded breakfast programs that improve student performance and help fight hunger, and also by establishing a more unified system of early childhood care and education.
  • Strengthened drinking water protections by limiting known toxins in drinking water, protecting families, homes, schools and businesses from harmful toxins.

2021 Political Landscape

In 2021, the entire House of Delegates will be up for election and Republicans need to win just five seats to break the Democratic majority.

It seems likely the election will be conducted under old district lines that favor Republicans because of Census delays. Virginia elections tend to favor the party that does not hold the White House and we know that the radical rightwing is going to be heavily focused on winning back the state. In light of that disadvantage, our endorsed candidates will need real resources to get their message to voters.

In 2019:

  • If less than 2,000 votes had switched across five seats, then chamber control would have gone the other way.
  • FNF-endorsee Nancy Guy flipped her seat by just 27 votes, making it one of the closest races we have ever participated in.
  • FNF-endorsee Joshua Cole became the only Democrat to represent a seat that supported Donald Trump, flipping a seat crucial to breaking the Republican majority.

Meet the candidates

  • Alex Askew Photo
    Alex Askew
    VA HD-85

    Elected to serve his hometown — Virginia Beach — in 2019, Del. Askew sponsored 14 bills signed into law, including lead-water testing for Virginia’s public schools and daycares and common sense environmental controls. Learn more about Del. Askew.

  • Joshua Cole
    VA HD-28

    The first Black Delegate to represent the district and one of the youngest lawmakers in the Virginia General Assembly, during his first term Del. Cole introduced Automatic Voter Registration which was enacted in 2020. Learn more about Del. Cole.

  • Debra Gardner
    VA HD-27

    A social worker and former leader of three Virginia state agencies — human services, public safety, and criminal justice — Debra champions equitable COVID recovery through good jobs and quality, affordable healthcare for all Virginians. Learn more about Debra.


  • Wendy Gooditis
    VA HD-10

    A career educator, Del. Gooditis understands that communities are only as strong as their schools. In her last term, she prioritized investing in children by allocating funding for Virginia’s public schools and teachers. Learn more about Del. Gooditis.


  • Nancy Guy
    VA HD-83

    A retired lawyer and small business owner, Del. Guy believes that climate change is an existential crisis. As an Agriculture, Chesapeake, and Natural Resources Committee member, she’s prioritized clean air, water, and energy. Learn more about Del. Guy.

  • Elizabeth Guzman
    VA HD-31

    A social worker, public administrator, and mom of four, Del. Guzman was one of the first Latina delegates in the Virginia House. An advocate for paid sick leave, she is committed to building a Virginia that is good for business and workers. Learn more about Del. Guzman.

  • Chris Hurst
    VA HD-12

    A personal tragedy inspired Del. Hurst’s first run for office to advocate for mental healthcare and gun violence prevention. He has since sponsored legislation to invest in children with quality schools and adequately paid teachers. Learn more about Del. Hurst.

  • Roslyn Tyler
    VA HD-75

    The first in her family to graduate from college, Del. Tyler, who serves in the Education Committee, is committed to investing in children. Last session, her bill to unify and standardize early childhood care in Virginia was enacted. Learn more about Del. Tyler

  • Schuyler VanValkenberg
    VA HD-72

    A teacher in Virginia Public Schools for the past 12 years, Del. VanValkenburg authored several enacted bills, including expanding computer science pathways and implementing through-year growth assessments between grades three and eight. Learn more about Del. VanValkenburg.