States & Candidates

States can change the direction of our country.


2020 Overview

Alone among Future Now Fund states, Wisconsin was a late entry and a Give Smart campaign, helping online donors to give to candidates directly. We knew it was a long-shot but believed that we could be strategic and make an impact even two weeks before the election. 

Working closely with in-state leadership, we helped relieve the budget pressures of an expanding field and helped prevent a regained supermajority. 

The Wisconsin partisan gerrymander is extreme: Joe Biden only carried 37 of the 99 seats in the chamber while winning the state overall. Democrats received more than 45% of the statewide Assembly votes while winning only 38 out of 99 seats.

2020 Election Highlight

  • We helped the Assembly minority gain their largest number of seats since the gerrymander was enacted after the 2010 Tea Party wave. We had two narrow losses, with endorsees Kathy Hinkfuss and Emily Siegrist each losing by margins under six percent.

2020 Political Landscape

  • In 2020 the entire Assembly is up for election and Democrats need to net 14 out of 63 Republican seats to win a majority
  • While this may seem difficult, it appears Democrats may be pulling away in the statewide vote, eroding Republican margins in particular in the Milwaukee suburbs and exurbs.
  • Republican Speaker Robin Vos, the architect of many of the state’s most aggressively destructive policies, appears to be losing support in his normally safe Republican district.
  • In 2018:
    • Sen. Tammy Baldwin carried a majority of State Assembly Districts in her successful re-election campaign
    • Republicans were much better funded than they are in 2020, when Democrats have a chance to be the answer to Republicans’ complacency